mandatelier sales post

Welcome to my very first sales / commissions post!

- I was granted sales permission by areica96 on May 26th, 2016 // See my feedback
- All PKMNcollectors community rules apply to my sales. I will only sell to members of named community.
- I ship internationally from Germany - all items are priced without shipping and packaging. If you are asking for quotes, please mention that in your comment. If you don't do that it will count as commitment! If you pass up an item, please let me know!
- As soon as the package leaves my hands, I'm no longer responsible for it. I don't offer exchanges or returns.
- Trades are welcome! Have a look at my collection website.
- I only accept payments through PayPal. Please be aware that I will charge paypal fees.
- If you are interested in an item and want me to hold it for you, please make sure you mention that in your comments. Asking for quotes counts as "holding". I will hold items for 24 hours. If you don't answer me within that timespan, the next interested person will get them. Please be aware that commitments get prioritized over holds/quotes.
- Prices may be negotiable - just ask!
- Not paying or not answering to my comments after getting your total will result in negative feedback and banning you from my sales.

Please mention satsuma somewhere in your post when you read all my rules! :)

OBO Pokeplushie sales
prices are calculated with Y!J/ebay, but are negotiable

jap Mega Metagross PokeCen (tto, $35 obo, has a damaged seam, received it like that)

jap Diancie PokeCen (tto, $30 obo)
jap Latios 2014 PokeCen (tto, $60 obo)
jap shiny Mega Gengar plush (tto, $20 obo)

jap Deoxys Pokedolls (tto, $15 obo each)
jap Keldeo Pokedoll (tto, $10 obo)
jap Darkrai Pokedoll (MW bent tag, $20 obo)

Cosplay Pika plush (tto, $25 obo)
MPC/Pokémon Petit mini plushies ($5 each)

BOOTLEG PLUSHIES! These are pretty good quality for bootlegs, except the miscolored Garchomp)
big Chatot pokedoll plushie ($15 obo, it's really cute :3)
Mega Garchomp ($10 obo)
Yveltal ($15 obo)
Substitute ($5 obo)
Litleo PokeCen bootie ($5 obo, one ear is attached the wrong way, please ask for pictures!)


!! There is no size limit in sprites. But the bigger it is, the pricier shipping can/will be. I may need time for ordering perler beads and new plates, which can take up to one week. Sprites will be finished within a week, depending on the size.
* Which Pokémon do you want?
* From which game is the sprite you want from? (EVERY main and spin-off title is possible!)
* Sprite appearance (e.g. Raichu Mystery Dungeon sleeping OR Slowbro HGSS walking OR Sealeo RSE team sprite ...)
* alternatively you can link me the sprite when you found it online!
* I can also do sides of lanterns with transparent beads if you are interested! See examples here, here and here! Please note that color selection is scarce, so not every sprite will work out!
~ I will provide you a picture of the colors I'm going to use and after completion of the commission - before ironing it - I will send you a picture of the result and wait with proceeding until you give your okay! ~ I will also do sprites from other games (Zelda, Undertale, Splatoon, you name it)

Perler Bead Sprites straight sales

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Thank you! ^_^

Updated Pokémon wants list

So my last wants list is outdated and for the pkmncollectors SSS I thought it'd be nice for my secret someone (hey! :3) to know a little bit more about me and what I would love to get. Hopefully the person, whoever it may be, will get a nice present too. Happy swapping ^-^

Favorite Pokémon: Sealeo, Seel & Dewgong, Weepinbell, Goomy line, Chandelure, Phanpy, Banette, Budew & Roserade, Slowpoke + Bro and the Subtitute

I'm mostly interested in...
... Plushies! Although I got the main plushies of most of my favs, I still enjoy welcoming some new friends to my family! Everyone who is fluffy, squishy or really soft is welcome :)
... Figures! I love the Moncolle series and Zukans, but I also know Zukans of most of my favorite Pokemon are way to expensive and pretty rare. I collect Gachapon figures, too and almost finished the Goomy Damono Gachapon line.
... Custom flats! I love cute little drawings or other customs like magnets and stickers of the above named Pokémon. I just got a bunch from PixelBoundStudios on etsy, they are gorgeous and now I can't get enough of them x) I also collect acrylic charms from above Pokémon and Umbreon, Vaporeon and Leafeon.
... Customs in general! I will love every selfmade piece of art dearly, especially when it's made just for me. I also will consider making something for my secret someone as soon as I know what they are into!

Concrete wants:
- Goomy Damono Gachapon: Torchic version and Swablu version
- Pitapoke: Tepig, Whimsicott, Tympole, Litwick, Vaporeon
- Pokedolls: Budew, Suicune
- other plush: I don't know when it comes out and it's U.S. only, but there's this one Goomy from Tomy I'll be hunting next, since I got all the other ones. I also fell in love with the Sanei Allstars plushies and would love to have Eevee or Jigglypuff. :3
- okay, I know it'll be hard to obtain them, but I really want those Goomy slippers... ;_;
- charms: Slowpoke, Sealeo, Budew line, Mega Slowbro, Phanpy

oh, and on another note... when it comes to candies, I love crazy and new stuff from all over the world. If you want to put some sweets into the package, please consider this. Thank you <3

I will try to update my collection site My Migawari so keep an eye out if you consider buying figures or plushies!

Hopefully this is a bit helpful! Have fun shopping :3 Just be creative, whatever you may find or make will be awesome, I bet! I will love everything. c: Happy SSS!

(no subject)

Just had to post this. I'm crying. I won an auction for my biggest grail! <3 A little, precious Slowpoke Pokedoll will be mine now :') The last 20 minutes were extremely exhausting because of the bidwar, but in the end my patience paid off, haha! Can't wait to hold the little princess in my arms. <3 Hopefully I can update Marcs and mine collection website soon with all the new goodies. I'll post about it as soon as I get the Goomy promo and Y!J goodies. Keep an eye out :)

Hi world. :3

So... you guys out there!
As some of you may know from my profile, I'm really interested in battling against some nice players around the world. Pokémon, yep. I really like double battles, but also rotation and triples. To say some things about my "career"... It was my first year as a master in the VGC in Bochum, Germany. I didn't do good last year in Milan and Bochum as senior, so I thought "just try your best and head on. You'll see some great people". And after starting 4-0 I ended up 6-2, being the best girl in my division :D (#15 overall). So now, two months after this event, I thought it would be nice to find some new people here and there to learn about other battling styles. So guys, please pm' me if you want to help me in this case! I'll send you my friend code and ingame name then.

Happy fighting ^__^