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2 January
Hey you!
My name ist Amanda and I'm from Germany. I love Pokémon since I played Pokémon Yellow for the first time. Now I'm here to discuss with some dudes on pokemoncollectors, maybe share my collection sometime and damn, I want to buy nearly everything there... haha.
I collect Pokémon plushies since August 2012 when my boyfriend gave me a Swoobat keychain plush and we became a couple. <3 From that time on I was like freaking out when something new came out in Japan, especially the Substitute plush. Daaww, I wanted it so bad, so my beloved cutie went on buying it for me as a present. You can't imagine how hyped I was when the package arrived at my door and my mom gave it to me saying "There's something fluffy in it". xD I couldn't even wait for my boyfriend on skype, I just wanted to rip the package off and cuddle my new friend. Well, that's how my collection started. After one and a half year my collection grew from like ten old plushes to about ninety, excluding my selfmade sweeties. ^___^

animes, collecting, competitive playing..., plushes, pokémon, sewing

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